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Current Projects

Memphis International Airport, Memphis, TN

Awarded: 08/16/2021

Contract # 18-1415-01

Airfield Signage Replacement-Construction

Grissom Army Reserve Base, Grissom, IN

Awarded: 08/29/2022

Subcontract # A1334-SC01

Grissom AFB Runways - Various Airfield Paving and Lighting Projects

John Glenn Columbus International Airport, Columbus, OH

Awarded: 10/26/21

Contract #   697DCK-21-C-00354

Replace LOC and GS for Runway 10L and Replacement of DME at Runway 28R. 

Mason City Municipal Airport, Mason City, IA

Awarded: 10/6/22

Contract #   CE.22.56923

Runway Safety Area Improvement 36 MALSR

Las Angeles International Airport, Las Angeles, CA

Awarded: 4/3/23

Contract #   A1357-SC01

LAX Runway 6L-24R Exits and Rehabilitation

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, DFW, TX

Awarded: 2/28/23

Contract #   1282931-01

Runway 17R-35L Rehabilitation

Fort Smith Regional Airport, Fort Smith, AR

Awarded: 3/7/22

Contract #   1222101.13

Runway 8-26 Extension CMAR

Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, Fort Worth, TX

Awarded: 4/3/23

Contract #   697DCK-23-C-00141

Replace Teledyne RVRs with PC based RVRs East of DFW Airport-TX

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