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Current Projects

DFW Airport, TX

Awarded: 04/03/2023

Contract # 697DCK-23-C-00141

Replace Teledyne RVRs with PC based RVRs East of DFW, TX.

DFW Airport, TX

Awarded: 02/28/23

Subcontract # 1282931-01

Runway 17R-35L Rehabilitation

Butts Airfield Lighting and Markings

Awarded: 02/05/2024

Contract #   572-260S

Airfield Lighting and Marking

Corona, NM

Awarded: 10/10/23

Contract #   

Design and installation of VOR systems

Las Angeles International Airport, Las Angeles, CA

Awarded: 4/3/23

Contract #   A1357-SC01

LAX Runway 6L-24R Exits and Rehabilitation

North Little Rock, AR

Awarded: 6/1/23

Contract #   15017248

LIT Vortac Relocation and Dopplerization

Yuma International Airport, Yuma, AZ

Awarded: 10/11/23

Contract #  697DCK-24-C-00024

Replacement of Runway 17 VASI with a PAPI 

Lea County Regional Airport, Hobbs, NM

Awarded: 1/9/24

Contract #  697DCK-24-R-00149

Construction Services for the Replacement of GS Runway 03

Norfolk Regional Airport, Norfolk, NE

Awarded: 4/1/23

Contract #  3-31-0058-027/028

Electrical improvements

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