Current Projects

Grissom AFB, IN

Awarded: 02/09/2021

Contract # A1298-SC01

Repair/Replace Airfield Lighting System (Phase A) 

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, Dallas Fort Worth, TX

Awarded: 07/10/2020

Contract # 1836-06

Installation of ALSF, MALSR, and PAPI equipment on RW 18R-36L.

San Diego International Airport, San Diego, CA

Awarded: 01/03/2020

Contract # 697DCK-20-C-00070

Installation of a replacement Medium Approach Lighting System (SAN-MALS) and demolition of an uncompleted MALS airfield duct bank and existing MALS equipment on Runway 27.

McGhee Tyson Airport, Alcoa, TN

Awarded: 07/21/2020

AIP# 3-47-0037-75-2020

Airfield Modernization Program-RW 5L-23R NAVAIDs Installation.

Dulles International Airport (IAD), Chantilly, VA

Awarded: 01/08/2020

Subcontract # EA.19.35120

Phase II-Runway 19L Approach Lighting System Flasher (ALSF-2) Installation. 

Waterloo Airport, Waterloo, IA

Awarded: 07/01/2020

Contract # CE.20.42041

Replace VASI with PAPI at Waterloo Airport (ALO), Waterloo, IA.

Monroe County Airport, Bloomington, IN

Awarded: 03/24/2020

Contract # 697DCK-20-C-0112

Construction of a Precision Path Approach Indicator (PAPI) serving Runway 24 at Monroe Country Airport, Bloomington, IN. 

STP Airport, St. Paul, MN

Awarded: 09/18/2020

Contract # 697DCK-20-C-00262

Modify existing MALSR lights and install Load Transfer Rings (snow rings) at STP Airport. Install VKG MALSR Threshold and 200' bar in Saint Paul Minnesota. 

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