Capability Statement

Main type of work performed by our firm:

NAV-AID Construction on Airports including:

  • Approach Lights (ALSF-II, MALSR, SSALR, ODALS, etc.)
  • Instrument Landing Systems (Localizer, Glide slopes, Markers, DMEs, Vortacs, etc.)
  • Visual Landing Aids (PAPI, VASI, REILS, etc.)
  • Runway Visual Ranges Detection (RVRs)
  • Runway and Taxiway Lighting (HIRL, MIRL, TDZ, Centerline MITL, SMIGs, Stop bars, etc.)
  • Airport Signage (Guidance Signs, DTG signs, Hold Bar Signs, etc.)
  • Wind Shear Detectors (LLWAS)
  • Radar Facilities (ASR-9, DASR-11, ASDE-X, ARSR, VORTAC sites, etc.)
  • Radio Transmitter Sites (RTR, RCL, RCAG, BUEC, etc.)
  • Power Vaults (CCR, Standby Generators, Power Conditioners, etc.)
  • Control Systems (Fiber optic and copper control cable, Air to Ground, Ground to Ground, etc.)
  • GPS Guidance (WASS and LASS)

The listed work can be done as a turnkey project, design build, or quote your project. We do the major portion of the work ourselves, occasionally hiring subcontractors for certain specialty items. We will do the siting, layout, civil, grading, trenching, foundation, concrete work, framing, tower installations, equipment installation, electric work, testing, burn in, flight check, etc. We own most of the equipment to do the construction.

We work anywhere in the US and its territories. We have been a NAV-AIDs contractor for the FAA since 1981, competitive projects for all regions of the FAA. All construction is according to current FAA design standards, Advisory Circulars, and standard drawings. The major portion of our work is inside the AOA of major airports. All employees are familiar with airport operations.

We have electrical contractor's licenses for many of the states we work in and these licenses are reciprocal to most states in the US .

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