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Founded in 1981, DEG began as a civil contractor to the Federal Aviation Administration for the installation of NAV-AIDS, Instrument Landing Systems, and Runway Lighting Systems, on airports. Initially contracting with the FAA in the Central Region, we have since expanded to include FAA installations in all regions across the United States and its Territories. DEG has also completed installations for the military, state, city and private engineering firms.

DACO, founded in 1981, as a Women Business Enterprise, began as a sub-contractor to manufacturers of systems and engineer / design firms, doing the civil portion of turnkey NAV-AID’S, Instrument Landing Systems, and Runway / Taxiway Lighting projects. These types of contracting agreements continue while others have been added. DACO has completed projects for the military and AIP funded projects, contracting directly with cities as the prime, or as a sub to prime contractors for a portion of the project. For some projects, DACO, as prime, teamed with design firms to provide design build projects.

Both DEG and DACO have received letters of commendation on many of their projects.

As evidenced in every installation, the desire to provide our customers with quality construction and improved facilities continues. We take you from where you are now to where you want to be. We have the skilled manpower, resources, equipment and the know how to do your installation right.

From our home office, located in the Central United States, we have ventured out in all directions. Installations have ranged in size from less than one hundred thousand to several million dollars. Completed projects include smaller General Aviation facilities and larger commercial use facilities such as JFK International in New York City and Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport in Atlanta, GA.

We can do design build installations and deliver a turnkey package OR support your designed project with consultation and / or onsite construction. Our dedicated teams of management and field personnel have broad and diversified construction capabilities. These men and women have years of experience in airport system installations, are well trained, and qualified for this work.

We can successfully complete what you need and want – contact us today to get started!

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